Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today went to Singapore Biennale at City Hall.
I guess this is the first time we are so interested in the exhibits bah. Hahah:) Cos' when we can leave that time, we nv leave. We continue to go & see the exhibits. Hahah:) Since when we become so hardworking??!!
Then, went to eat at BK.
Phoebe drives us to YCK Stadium.
Had our badminton match after such a long time.
But today was different, losers got to run! Hahah:)
So all play till very hiong! And, in the end, I run the most lo. Ran 8rounds of the courts, Ah Ma ran 7rounds & Chris ran 2rounds then died there le! Hahah:)
Let's see the pictures:) Guess it's a lot for you all to see.

All bathe hao except for me & Ah Ma nv bathe! Hahah:)
Chris super wet hair!

Ang Zhang Er Ren Zu- Dirty 2 People grp!

Our hair okay mah right? Don't look like just play finish and sweat a lot de kind. Haha:)

Ah Ma crazy agn. Don't want let people see her face!

Before playing.
All of them say I wear damn funny. Cos I wear a normal outing tee with a FBT shorts & slippers to play! Haha:) Is a bit funny plus paiseh la.
On the way there, on Phoebe's car!
Singapore Biennale photos.
Super good skin under this light!

Me wearing Huifen's cap.
Ah Ma's turn..
Google Earth. Spot your home.

Mine was pasted beside Karen's. A video. But it's weird.
Under red lights.

Taken inside this room.

This is a floating book. What makes it float? I guess is the egg inside and the material of the book. It is a leather book anyway.
Can you see the egg? I tried so many time to take.

Aliens with UFO?

This is a tank filled up with water. When take picture, all of us will be inverted. I don't have the pictures now. Shall upload if I have it.
A wood craving animation abt a song.
Whole stetch of animation! Tonnes of work done!
This is really amazing! It looks like a flat image, but look carefully. It's dent in.
And, the power of this is....
When you walk from left to right , or right to left, you can see the car is moving. But it is actually just on the wall.
Looks flat right?
All this 3 images can move! Damn cool!
11000 kinds of plants.
All are cut out using aluminium. And if you see from the front, all are black & white. The other side is all coloured! Very nice:)

Scary statue which is made of charcoal.

It's us!
This is like different people with the same clothings on that particular position. Hahah:)

I loved the way how the work is framed up. Simple & Black & White.

Fify's slutty pose.
Woollen yarn. The whole motorbike is woven.
A arylic piece of artwork. The whole thing is made very thick arylic paint until it is actually popping out.

A little photos on ystd outing to Damsey Road.
I liked this kind of feel!

That's all for the pictures.
Took cab home from YCK cos it's raining. So helpless, no umbrella. Hhaha:)
Home, Bathe, Blog, Sleep.
gisiang. andilove STRAWBERRY CREAM STICK:)
get strawberry stick at Raffles City basement

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