Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today is a Friday:)
Finally. Meaning I can slp late! Haha:)
Went to AMK with classmates to walk walk, search for running shoes & bla bla...
After awhile went to met Singyee.
Shopped around, she bought things & I bought things also! Hahah:) Spent money agn.
I bought a watch from Time Club, is from some weird brand called Louis Jean. I guess nobody know this brand. Hahah:) It cost me 48$ with one yr warranty. It is a simple watch, like those 10$ watch but I just like it. Shall post the picture of the watch another day, alright..
Then, met Vonne at AMK Mac. Chatted. Zm came, slacked, psping then decided to went to Zm's hse to watch movie agn.
This time watched 'Snake on a Plane'.
Vonne watched le, Zm also know parts of the story le, then Singyee busy with her work so is like only left me watching bah. Hahah:) Overall, nice show!
Went hm, reached hm abt 3am, facebooking awhile, blogging.
Slping very soon. Tired:(
gisiang. andilove Movies:)

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