Monday, November 03, 2008

I just finished cutting 13shapes from a cardboard. There's 7more to go for tmr before I can do my model. Hahaha:) Got to jiayou la...
And my hands are tired.
I guess all my shows are uploaded. But waiting for my brother to download Hot Shot & Bu Liang Xiao Hua. As for Wu Di Shan Bao Mei, shall be watching it online but don't think I have the time. Now also not early le, don't feel like watching now. Then tmr need to do model.... I think I can watched all the shows on Wednesday cos' no school! Whoohoo!
That's all for tonight.
Gonna do mask. Recently my skin not very good. So sad. Hair okay but skin not good.
Bye people.
Tmr, a meal at Nihon Mura, misses my strawberry orea ice cream.
It should be a tough night tmr, struggling for my model bah.
gisiang. andilove strawberryorea icecream

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