Saturday, November 01, 2008

Just came back hm from Zm's house.
Me, Vonne, Kel & Mh went over to catch some old movies.
Watched Rogue & Meet Dave.
Rogue was nice and exciting.
Meet Dave was funny but I was a bit sleepy when watching but still able to know what is the movie abt.
Before going to Zm's hse, me and Karen went to rebond hair at Yishun. 58$ only. It was quite good, but my fringe just sucks alright. It looks like last time Phoebe's fringe. Long and straight then just weird. I'm going to cut fringe tmr. Maybe cutting bangs.
Meeting Huifen tmr acc her rebond her and go out shopping as well. Whoohoo!
I going to do some other stuff and shall upload some pictures tmr.
gisiang. andilove straighthair.

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