Thursday, November 27, 2008

A few days nv blog already.
Had been busy with my studio model. Deadline, this coming friday. But is like half done only.
So still striving & working very hard to complete the model. And many people get a lot of cuts here and there until the plasters in the workshops have run out. That's so fast la.. Hahah:)
Karen's skin got chip off agn! Sad. We must really work very carefully huh...
Anyway, reached hm quite late this few days. Reached hm, is either watch show or facebook.
But this two days met so really idiotic ppl on facebook.
One is some cheaters who cheat super obvious. Although me & Karen do cheat in the games but at least not so obvious. They totally same scores leh!
Second is some bitch. Scold us chinese fuckers leh! Wth lo... Then when play game she keep on fuck here fuck there. So rude la. Then we just scold here back lo...
Want to play peacefully also cannot. Hahah:)
Now putting mask. Cos face really damn jialat. This few days we have been working in a dustroom.... Super dirty & dusty. So got to takecare more of my skin.
That's all for now & I'm going to slp. Wking up early, go sch chiong model agn!
gisiang. andihate idioticppl.

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