Monday, November 10, 2008

Back hm blogging agn:)
Today went to Elaine's hse to do studio.
Basically just cut the shapes out. Hahah:) Most of the time spend on her mac! & looking through super funny photos taken like don't know how many yrs ago! Hahah:)
Then, went to have dinner at Ramen Ten.
Photos taken...

Super stiff body from the first photos. Don't know why also. Look so funny!
Then shopped around, bought a shirt.
Went to ask abt a job but pay too low- $4.50.
Then, went hm.
Facebooking agn.
Search jobs agn, cos I really think that money will run out very soon.
Here blogging...
Nx gonna slp le.
Tmr will be another class outing to some museums agn! Photos agn....
Bye people.
gisiang. andineed aJOB.

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