Monday, November 10, 2008

Today is another class outing day.
And, we gonna have three class outings in three consecutive days! Whoohoo!
So, went to Phil....( I don't know how to spell) Museum & 8Q SAM.
The Phil. M is a very fun & interactive museum! See at the pictures we took there!
For 8Q SAM, I only took a few pics, less than five, but gonna upload just one picture.
This is the one. Nice graffiti! This 8Q SAM is used to be a school which is quite cool but I hate that they exhibit photos of DOLLS, WHICH I'M SO SCARED! DIDN'T TAKE A LOOK AT THOSE DEFINITELY!
The rest of the photos are taken at the Phil. M. We had a proj. to work on to design the space for nx yr Grand Prix exhibition. Not just go there have fun alright?!
A pretty cool museum!
Rayne act GHOST!

This is just like taking neo-print! Hahah:)

Rayne's slutty pose agn!
This big mouth thing is some kind of stamping machine! Cute uh??!
Little details of rats on wall!
Karen act cool leh!
Story telling time!

Vietnam girl!

Yvonne trying to steal things!

Wooden clogs.
We are wearing clogs! So olden days!
This is actually just a flat wall with a picture of 'Mama Shop'. But it has some really magazine hanging. It looks damn real! Hahah:)
This looks real right??!!
Last time mail box.

This is how the letter are being kept inside the mail box.
Girls! I'm not in the photo, cos I'm the photograher! Hahah:)
Cos I was having a stomach ache, no mood take photos, so help other people take.
After this photo, I WENT TO SHIT LE! Hahah:)
Rayne & Elaine:)
That's all for today.
Tmr going down to Damsey Road as a class agn!
I think going to a pub restaurant. Haha:)
Then, Wednesday going to Singapore Biennale.
Gonna slp soon! Scared I can't wake up tmr agn, just like today!
gisiang. andilove CLASSOUTING!

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