Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm tired of working in groups. Not because I'm working with whoever I don't like or what. I think there is seriously too many grp projects & all involved different people. Hard to plan the timing for meeting up. Tired.
Tmr meeting Karen to do parachute & going to salvation army to check on materials for our studio as well.
I have been searching jobs for quite some time.
Send resumes but no reply. Damn sian. Today just sent another two. Hope there will be some replies. Hahah:)
And, I finally watched 'Connected'. I watched it online. Hahah:) Free! Super cheapo! Hahah:)
The movie very exciting lo! Very nice!
Still got to continue with my job search.
Bye people.
gisiang. andihate GROUPWORKS.

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