Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'm in a super bad mood today since morning.
I'm totally not aware of the work I need to submit!!!
What report??!! Our group only have that pathetic 8 or 9 drawings!
Wth am I doing??!
But whatever it is, luckily everything is over for the presentation for this P.Musuem. Thanks Karen for doing so much until so sick le!!! Hahaha:)
Abd I just herd abt something which even made me more pissed off!
Maria grp's parachute actually can work, just that it can only stay 5s. They should have just come that day, like that cause until her innocent group members lo. Then still ask what is the longest time... then someone say 11s, which is our grp. Then she say we must at least have 11s or something like that. Why must she always win??!! Really cannot stand it lo! But to me is like, in the first place you nv come, you are already a loser la. No meh?? Sorry to her group members, but I'm not refering to anyone of you but just her. I know you aren't the same kind of person as her! Hahaha:)
That's abt it for today.
Did out studio after lesson, then headed home to watch Ten Brothers last ep!
Did a bit of shopping arcade and that's all.
gisiang. andihate Today.

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