Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another rainy day.
Recently has been raining so much that it became a problem for us.
We need to go out & search for material at those industrial areas, raining then need bring umbrella. Soooo troublesome.
Today went to Ubi that area. Check the price for corrugated boards. Too expensive le. Maybe get from another supplier at Senoko. Then, maybe tmr need to go down to check the price agn or if possible, shall check & order through phone.
I think driving is so difficult. When it's raining, I can't even see properly. And, really need to thank Phoebe to drive us around so many places these few days. Thanks!
Today, at Ubi, bought the very nice durian puff reccomended by Phoebe! Hahah:) It's really quite nice. Went hm, taking bus 55. It's seem so short but it took me like 45min to reach Bishan.
Guess it will be quite busy & tiring for these few days.
Tedious studio, Long school hrs, Busy bday celebration.
Tmr is Huifen's bday! Finally 18 but still like small kid la.... Hahah:)
Tmr will be a super long day & maybe going Kbox to celebrate her bday.
That's all for now. Gonna do some other things.
gisiang. andilove durianpuff:)

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