Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ystd went to Orchard after school with Elaine, Chris and Huifen.
Elaine wanted to buy her stitch tee so went there with the stupid big foam. Hahah:)
Shopped around, ate shave ice then Qi joined us.
Then, Chris and Huifen went off first.
After that sent Elaine to take a cab. Then me and Qi took bus to Central to meet Singyee first.
Meet up with everyone at Drinking Place. Quite a few people is I dunno de. Cannot drink a lot last night. So, only drink one bottle of beer and a tequila shot. Then, got some problems, run up and down then suddenly I like got breathing difficulty. HAHAHAH:) GONNA DIE?!?! HEES.
After that drink hot water then okays liao.
Then take care of drunkers and heartbreakers! Hahah:)
Then cabbed home with Qi, Zm, Sy. Dropped off Qi first. Then me and Zm wanted to send Sy hm, but in the end sat down at void deck to chat then went to eat prata. Sommor that is the third piece of prata I had for my day! Finally went hm at 5am.
Sleept till 3plus pm wake up.
Facebooking agn.
Bathe and went to Sure's bday party.
Ate delicious food and ice cream cake!
Then, cabbed hm.
Thanks Louisure for your invitation to ur bday party!
Thanks for the food.
Hope you will like the presents!
gisiang. andilove facebooking:)

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