Monday, November 24, 2008

OMG! I'm so addicted to 'Guess the Sketch Challenge'.
Have been playing throughout the whole day. Playing with Karen , Elaine & Ah Ma. Hahah:)
I'm the top scorer for now! Hahah:) 3600!
Anyway, just little updates on last night.
Went to Chomp Chomp, came back freaking full! Hahah:)
Ate quite a lot of food. Nothing much. Is just like a normal dinner rather than a celebration. Hahah:)
Just now went out with parents & younger bro to have dinner at whampoa. Super full also! Nice dinner, but a bit sick of the fried chicken. Hahah:) Came home, facebooking agn.
Now, watching show.... loading.
That's all. & tmr suppose to be a short day but I know it's gonna be a tiring week. Rushing for datelines for studio. Hated it but bo bian.
gisiang. andilove guessthe sketch:)

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