Thursday, November 06, 2008

Quite a few days never update blog le.
Busy with playing games, watched shows and school projs.
That day, on Mon went to celebrate Karen's very belated bday at Nihon Mura.
Although is very belated, but still hope she enjoyed her meal with her green tea ice cream which no one appreciated!!!!! Hahah:)
Then went to Orchard. Me and Karen bought the same Alishan bangles! Hahaha:)
I shall not upload the pics cos' I think most of them upload le.
Last week, our class had a craved over PSP-dj max.
This week, our class had a new craving! All playing facebook games now. Hahah:)
What a fun class I have. Everytime got new things to play! Whoohoo!
I had a pet called xiaohuang at facebook! Hahah:)
Anyway, tmr will be Friday and finally will be my turn to present for Micheal Gan lesson.
Waited for two weeks then my turn to present. Think I will kana say by him. Hahah:) Didn't do it in the way he want. Duncare.
Tmr going Drinking Place agn. But I come menses. Don't think I will drink a lot bah. Don't want to have red river! Hahah:) Late night outside agn!
That's all for now bah.
Gonna facebooking agn! Hahaha:)
gisiang. andiloveALISHAN!

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