Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ystd was quite a long day. Went to sch have lesson and went to Changi Airport T3 after that. It was a short trip. Just went there to take at look at those structures and interior. After dismissal, me, Elaine and Sujun went to Secret Recipe to eat. I have finally get to eat my GOURMET PIE. So nice. Used to eat it when go to Secret Recipe but I have found my another love which is White Chocolate Macademia cake so nv eat gourmet pie le. Then, took bus53 to J8 which took me an hr. And acc Elaine and Qi go shop shop. Then, went hm.
Wanted to eat my fried rice, but cos my relatives come then my father let them eat my fried rice la. Then, my bro also dun have enough to eat. So cook maggie mee as my dinner, then I painted my nails, then internet down and bo bian need to slp. Earliest sleeping time. Slept for 9hrs.
Pictures taken at T3.

Today had a super short lesson.
Reached hm early. Watched Fated to Love You dvd. Sleep till 8pm. Have dinner. Now blogging.
Tmr will be a long day.
And going for job interview tmr hope can get the job with high pay..
That's it for today.
Nothing much.
gisiang. andilove-gourmetpie

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