Monday, March 31, 2008

just unlucky.

for today, i wake up earlier than the rest of the days. i wake up at 11.45am!!! haha:)

went to AMK to meet peizhen and elaine. shop shop around den kaser called and she join us. bought some stuff at AMK.

bought :

face shop red colour nail polish

olay white intensive

and ... a cookies and cream de chocolate

thats all.

shop and chat till abt 6pm den i leave AMK den went to meet singyee and yinghui at bishan.

this is the only pic i got !

* ah ma cut hair liao ohhh!! *

not bad la. but think she prefer last time de hair bah.

after that went to vivo.

meet vonne and ts.

went to thai express to eat. but sian la. order the yellow curry. damn spicy!!! den like so spicy till i nv drink the soup loh. but i order prawn fritters also. quite nice! hahha:) but if next time go must go and eat glass noodles (which is 'dong fen' ) hahha:) that one nicer. and the prawn super fresh! haah:)

eat liao go do some shopping. wanted to go and buy mphosis de slippers. sian. dun have agn! is the 2nd outlet dat dun have liao. so disappointed sia :( shall check out bishan de outlet when i'm free bah! if anyone coming bishan, pls ask me out! i want to check out my slipper! if really dun have, den maybe shall buy one of the slipper that i saw at AMK hub today. also not bad la. haha:)
den want to buy handphone pouch from mini toons also dun have!!! like WTH! more sian. sommor walk one whole day, leg already very tired liao. den can't buy till the things i like.
den going hm liao. me singyee and yinghui decided to take cab. den even the cab also want to play with us. we waited for abt 45min for a cab! sommor we are like the 3rd ppl queuing. sian sian. den we no choice. on call cab. den finally got the cab. so now finally reach hm.
today at first go out still okays. but behind abit sian la. think i cant get the things i want make me so sian. but forget it. it's over. hope tmr will be a better day at hm!!! haha:)
gisiang. andihate today.

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