Wednesday, March 12, 2008


ystd went to zouk. it's the first time i went for clubbing which is offered by the IT fair ppl. so just go there 'jian jian shi mian' . hahah:) but damn stupid, we paid 14$ to stand outside and queue 2hrs like that before we can go in! so lame loh. ystd go zouk is actually to celebrate one of the guys de birthday. but in the end, we got to sing the birthday song when we are queuing. but wadeva. hahah:) wah piang! so suay. see sec school juniors and seniors but luckily all of them nv saw me! hahah:) went in there and play till 4am! pics taken .....

while queuing...
the guys.
jun wen and kenneth.
alvin, kenneth, jun wen, another kenneth and the shortest guy- jeric.

after clubbing, damn thirsty den we went to a petrol kiosk to buy drinks. den elaine need to go hm liao. cos she need to work. den we took some pics before elaine leave. but see the guys take pics de standard??!!! OMG! is jialat de loh. so blur! let's see ...
blur #1

blur #2 . sommor see elaine head! so scary. headless loh!

better abit la.

this also a bit blur. can't see kaser face properly. but see her sexy dressing! haha:) shld see her back!

den we went to the 'ai qing qiao'- lover bridge. not much cars on the road, den the guys were playing around on the road.

nice right?

reached the bridge and we started taking photos!

i look sleepy. and with a super ugly fringe! :(

me and kaser.

me and chris.

kaser, me, chris.

random one taken by the guys.

TADA! all of us!

after not long, it started raining. so went to take shelter and sit at a place to chat. when the rain stop is already like 6am bah. some of the guys went hm den the rest of us went to have breakfast at mac. after breakfast, alvin need to go back to school, so few of them went hm also. den left with me, kaser, kenneth and jeremy. den kaser dun want to go hm. so we decided to go plaza sing. we went to kaser de 'secret' place and sit down to chat. :)
this is wad i see for the 2hr plus de chatting. hahah:)
chat for 2hr plus den went hm. so i reach hm at abt 11.30am this morning. slp till 6pm den wake up. haha:)
and now going to play viwawa agn bah!
shall update tmr again.
gisiang. andilove CHATTING :)

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