Friday, March 07, 2008


tot that today at least can sell one laptop. also like not alot or wish to sell alot. sell 1 i very happy liao. but until the end also nv sell till any. sians. stand whole day sell nothing. stand 12hrs like that earn 30$. toughest job i ever done. low pay long hrs. the leg today step till alot of lemon and lime la. den make me so pek chek. wanted to shout out la! hahah:) but forget it. its all over.
nvm. tmr got more hopes and hope that i can at least sell 2 or 3 bah. i will try my best. hahah:)
good luck to all and most impt is good luck to myself.
but today really surprise to see yao yao( shake shake) working there also. long time no see him. hahah:) and today m0st sad is nv sell till laptop and still kana paper cut. bad luck this whole day. may all the good luck follow me tmr. let me sell as many laptops as possible. PLEASE!!!
gisiang. andihateLEMON&LIME.
*i will pull over this 4days!*

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