Saturday, March 15, 2008

little updates

just a little updates from ystd bah. hahah:)
so ystd went to have dinner at yishun there. a nice meal! 3person, 4dishes plus a pineapple rice. hahah:)

after that went to Junction8 to shop shop awhile. bought a light brown nails polish from the face shop. hahah:)
den we decided to go back to AMK to play lan. hahha:) den we all too lazy liao. take cab go AMK. hahah:) den go pizza hut eat my chocolate symphony! nice M&Ms.
hahah. den waited for vonne to come. vonne come liao keep on tell her story..... hahha:) den we tok until nv go play lan liao. chat at coffee shop den pei vonne go mac eat her dinner. den went hm. reached hm at abt 1plus. den read seventeen den play viwawa agn! haha:) play till 4am den go slp.
today wake up at 3pm. haha:) den ate lunch. now play viwawa agn , blog.....
going back to play viwawa. shall update maybe tmr??!!
gisiang. andihate 'it'.

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