Tuesday, March 11, 2008

blog got prob

now blog cant post pics. so troublesome. make until me very sian. lazy to post pics liao.
just now went to meet vonne and yinghui den pei vonne collect vonne de phone den went to HK cafe. have a very full supper. help vonne to eat her cabage and mushroom, one prawn dumpling, 3and a half 'jiu cai' dumplings, actually got 5 de. den damn erxin den couldnt finish also. haha:) and drank a cup of iced coffee. den the prawn dumpling de bowl got a strand of hair!!! yucks man. hahah:) den the 'jiu cai' dumpling got alot of 'cai' . eeeeeeeeeee! not nice de.

cabage with mushroom. so BIG plate. scary sia! hahah:)
see the hair??!!!
'jiu cai' dumpling !
see all the 'cai' !!! erxin! :(
vonne zi lian agn.
den meet victor and we walk to far east there to chat. chat till 11.40 go take 54 den reach my bus stop liao den chat again. hahha:) chat till like 12.45 den go hm. vonne and victor walk to pei me walk to my hse. hahah:) thanks for pei-ing me to walk hm. hahah:)
today i have finally watch finish 'dou nui' ! sweet ending. but i abit sian la. cos too long nv watch liao. hahah:) now very sian la. dunno want to watch wad show leh. no job also. money earn not enough yet. sians. think i going to play viwawa agn bah. hahah:) nothing to do.
gisiang.andi'mloving viwawa.

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