Sunday, March 16, 2008


today went to find ah ma at amk. she working there but think her job quite slack la. hahha:) chat with her for like half an hr den need to leave and go to khatib to meet the guys. went to weixiang hse today! OMG!!! his hse is damn nice! hahah. and is so familiar. but i forgot to take a pics of his hse. is a 3storey house!!! play daidee, watch tv, sing songs, chat.... hahah:) den we have pizza for our dinner but super not full. haha:) den i ate another cup noodle. hahah:) den in the end still got one more pizza, so ate another 2pieces of pizza den jiu full liao.
while we go out to buy cup noodles, the guys play basketball den we chat.
den went back to play daidee. me, kenneth, kaser, elaine, chris play daidee. but rest of the guys play black jack. den they play money, we play wine. haha:) loser drink. den in the end, kenneth lose like siao. den i nv lose until. hahah:) shall challenge another time.
anyways, this few days i got probs with the internet. very lag. den now i can't even upload pics to my blog. maybe shall do it tmr when i got more time bah. hahah:)
tmr first day of work. need to meet karen 8.30am at redhill. if father can drive me down den i can wake up at 7.15. if not i 6.30 need wake up liao. sians. so early!!!
bye peepos. got to do some other stuff den slp liao.
gisiang. andihatethe internet!

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