Monday, March 17, 2008

upload pics.

just a boring day and tiredday for me.
went to work at redhill. can't find bus stop. wadeva it is.... the place is diff to find and troublesome de. need to climb up hill. hahha:) and i'm not gonna take train for tmr, change to direct bus transport. hahah:) so my job is to call and call and still call..... hahah:) quite sian la.
so came hm for dinner, play viwawa agn! and i'm finally level up to 8!!! haha:) drop to 7 den back to 8 agn! YES! hahah:) can you believe that i'm so lucky that i got all the 2s? i got 4twos!!! OMG! nv win is idiot liao la. haha.
so upload pics agn! here are the pics!
nice place. i like this area most!
all of us!
me pouring the coke and the vodka !

chris, elaine and me!
nice place hor??!!
the black and white slippers
us at basketball court chatting ....

me and chris
guys playing bball
kenneth red face!

the daidee gambling den!
singing time!
me at the fitness corner!

pizza time!

us agn!
okays. thats the end of the pics. i'm also tired. tmr still need to wake up early!
gisiang. andiam sians

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