Wednesday, March 05, 2008

show addict.

today is a completion to one of my show , 'tang xin feng bao' . hahah:) watch the last 7eps today. damn nice sia. haahh:) think i shld wait for a few days den continue with another new show bah. cos my mother is already saying me liao. complaint say i every night also watch show. den electricity very high de. hahha:) anyways, from tmr till this sunday will be working so think won't have time to watch also. haha:)
tmr first day of work. pray hard that i can sell many many laptops!! hees.. den i got money to spent for rest of the months liao. den when singyee they all ask me go out, i also can go see the things i like. hhaha:) or else now see ler also cannot buy. cos no money. sian. haha:)
so this whole day is abt watching show bah. haha:) got to slp early this few days. haha:) so maybe go play a few more rounds of dai dee den go slp liao. tmr need to wake up at 8plus. and is really a torture for me to wake up so early! hahah:)
got to go. :)
gisiang. andatortureto me for this 4days!

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