Wednesday, March 26, 2008

little farwell party

today is my last day of work. so there is like a mini celebration or farwell party for me! haha:) bought 4packets of tibits and 1tub of ice cream. hahah:)
had cup noodles for lunch agn. but in addition, there is ice cream and lays to go with it. hahah:)
we ate all the 4packets of tibits and half or 2/3 of the ice cream. hahah:) so after lunch, we took pics.... working with them is really alot of joy. hahha:) shall see our pics... hahha
random pics

ice cream!

this 5pics that you will be seeing is request by hui fen! she ask me take '5 lian pai' ??!!! super ugly plus funny. hahah:)
so dots. and some like taking passport photos??!!
quite a random shot with the packet of milo! hahah:)
use the spoon to cover my face! arghh! hahah:)
chris and lynette
chris and hui fen
chris and me
chris and karen
me and hui fen
me and lynette
me and chris

me and karen

hui fen or jaslyn. she has been given lots of nick name and she got a common face. hahah:) she looks like one of my aunt. the pattern, the spec, and even the laughters! hahah:) she is the joker in this little telemarketing room. haha:)
lynette. sweet and nice girl. always slack ah! hahah:)
chris. the machine talking among us. hahh:)
karen. another joker la. hahah:) she is the milo queen! everyday drink like 2packs of milo??!!

left you people plus nora at the co. ler. haha:)

thats wad we are doing everyday! call call and call!

after the break and taking of photos, we still got to get back to work.
seriously, im sian of the job but not sian of the people over there. there's new jokes everyday to laugh abt. hahah:)
this 3pics is taken when i'm calling one of the clients. haha:) but i have been waiting on the phone for so long that i can take 3pics of myself. hahah:) that's wad i have taken before i left this job. hahah:)
i will really miss the people over there. hahah:) think of all the people we called and names we laugh abt and speaking to machine.... i will really laugh la. haha:)
hui fen, lynette, chris, karen, nora - hope you all will enjoy the rest of the weeks calling and hope that you all will at least sell 1ticket bah! jiayou. haha:)
gisiang. andi loveyou people.
*thanks for the little farwell party and all the ice cream and tibits! *

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