Tuesday, March 04, 2008

uploading pics.

TADA! here's all the pics that were taken ytsd. hahha:)
slowly see bah...

okays. so that's the end of the SENTOSA pictures.
today stayed at hm and watch tv for the whole day. i have watched 9episodes for today. hahah:) but there are still many episodes to go....
tmr got to go for the IT fair training during evening. not having dinner at hm agn which means that i need to spent money agn. sians. and i'm really BROKE. but wadeva bah. i know i will have financial prob for this week. hahah:) got to survive with 40$ for rest of the days for this week.
got to continue with my show... update tmr again.
gisiang.andi am BROKE.

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