Monday, March 10, 2008


such a cold afternoon. hahah:)
when i wake up today, i tot is still in the morning like 8plus am. i tot that i'm used to waking up early after the few days of waking up at 8plus am. hahah:) but actually i'm still the same. i look at my phone den realised is 2.30 already. hahah:) but the feeling is like morning. hahah:)
now watching dou nui. just finish ep16. den now loading ep17. so long nv watch shows online liao. haha:) pass few weeks have been watching HK drama. haha.
later after my dinner will be going to orchard with vonne and yinghui. haha:) long time nv see them. hahah :)
there is still prob with the uploading of pics. haha:) upload when i can bah .

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