Saturday, March 22, 2008

late nights.

i think i haven upload for abt 2days ler bah. hahha:)
anyways, here's some photos on my working days..

list of phone nos that i need to call out.
my colleagues

the colourful board!

thurs night.

i went to meet yinghui, singyee and vonne for kbox. but we forgot that is actually a public holiday eve so the price were really ex for kbox. so we called party world to check for the price. it was still reasonable so we went to orchard de party world. before we went there, i had pizzas and chicken wings for dinner. however, its not full at all haha:) den when reach cine, went to HK cafe to eat agn. ate another plate of dry mian xian and share a mango ice! scary appetite!!!
mango ice! quite nice. hahah:)

after that, we went to party world. and our timing for the party world is 12mid-4am!!! so while waiting for our turn, we sat down to chat....
me and vonne

some pics for kbox. but actually inside is quite dark den diff to take pics. and i dun want to have flash. hahah:) so pics were dark and blur la.....
our drinks and snacks.
with flash pic!! i dun like. cos like dun have the dark dark feel! haha:)
me! but blur..
after a little edit la. or else is cant see my face de. hahah:)

i'm tired.

okays. thats all for the party world pics. quite little la. cos i'm quite tired on that night. didn't slp for more than 24hrs leh! thur 6.45am jiu wake up den all the way until fri morn 6am den go hm and slp.


slp from 6am to 4.30pm. sommor is bo bian den wake up de. hahah:) cos got to go for bbq agn! prepare food all this and travel down to yinghui hse.

before we start the bbq, WAH PIANG! we spent 1hr plus to kill all the ants and 2lizards! WTH ! i think long time no one use the pit bah. got 2lizards inside the bbq pit leh! den need to chase them out and the pit is super dirty. we found 3USED WIRE GAUZE inside the pit. can you imagine how dirty it is? luckily got yinghui father. hahah. he so good sia. help us bring down a pail of water and still help us chase the lizard and clean the pit for us. so finally, start bbq!


singyee stupid face agn!
yinghui! tok on the phone. tok non stop!
see see see ....

the fire and the wire gause too far liao. cook very long. so in the end, ts think of a good idea to cook the food faster. which is to put a aluminium foil on top of the wire den put the food on the foil to cook. haha:)
dun even need the wire gauze.
vonne and ts left at 4plus den left me singyee and yinghui. we continue to chat den start clearing at abt 5am. we damn stupid sia. we clear and push all the rubbish into a plastic bag. after clearing the pit and everything liao, we wanted to lock the pit that time, we realise the lock is been thrown into the plastic bag also. so singyee sacrifice and put her hand inside the plastic bag which is filled with rubbish and look for the lock. and finally found the dirty and oily lock! haha:)
den me and singyee cab hm at 6am. hahha:) so sleep at the way until today 5pm den wake up. did the usual stuff la. hahah:) kaekae. shall update another time.
tmr gonna collect my basic pay for IT fair job. yeah! MONEY!
gisiang. andilove money.

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