Friday, March 14, 2008


i think i'm more and more like yinghui. everyday rot at hm play games or watch tv.
today watch 'yu le bai fen bai' . internet down so can't play viwawa. sians. den take pics during ads time.
ugly hair. sucks.
this is how i look when i'm at hm. SUPER MESSY HAIR:)
this few days have been raining. actually want to go out de. but raining. if i go out den i need to bring a umbrella, so MA FAN. hahah:) maybe tmr den go out bah. cos singyee want go shopping! so long nv meet her! so miss her. hahah:)
today my internet got problems la. keep on not connected. den is like from afternoon until evening still cannot loh. den after that 6plus hao liao. use till like 11pm den cannot again. sian la. den until 12midnight can again. haha:) and until now no prob yet. hope that it won't have any more problems bah.
a happything is that i found a job. hahah:) thanks to karen! the pay is 6.50$ per hr den if i sell one ticket earn 60$ !!! haha:) the pay is super good. basically is being a telemarketer selling conference ticket abt health and beauty care. the ticket is selling at 1200$. siao de la. so expensive maybe also nobody buy but wadeva. the basic is good enough. hhaa:)
just tok finish on the phone with singyee. damn funny! we are not going shopping tmr! we are going eat pineapple rice tmr! just the 2 of us. quite lame la. but i dun mind. haha:) hope that i have the money to have desserts at swensens tmr! then that will be a perfect meal! haha:) yes! so excited and happy for the meal! LOVED!
gisiang.andilove pineapple rice.

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