Wednesday, March 05, 2008

super sians

today need to go for a briefing for the IT fair job. the meeting is at 7.45 at tiong bahru mrt. haha:) so afternoon very free. watch show again.
suppose to meet 7.45pm at tiong bahru den need to take bus to a place to have the meeting. after all the dragging and travelling time, the meeting start at 9pm. is os late loh. den end at abt 11pm. alot of things dun understand la. hahha:) but wadeva. hope that i can at least sell one laptop a day bah. den at least i didn't stand there for nothing. haha:) so take bus and train and den bus agn. sommor the bus is already the last bus. so LUCKY! haha:)
tmr intend not to go out de. but vonne call me and ask me if i want to go with her to bugis tmr. so still considering. cos feel like having dinner at hm. cos from thurs to sunday won't be having dinner at hm liao. sians. okays. that's all. i'm addicted to my show. so shall get back to it. update tmr again.

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