Sunday, March 23, 2008

a visit to ah ma.

today went to get the basic pay for IT fair. is only 120$. sian. before i buy anything, i already owe vonne and singyee 103$ liao. get 120$ also no use. only left with 17$. hhhaa:)
after getting the pay, went to shop at bugis street. but nothing much to shop den we headed to novena to shop. went into quite alot of shops but nothing attracts me. hahha:) den we decided to go and find ah ma at amk. so went to chat with her and have dinner at mos burger. went to find yvonne and su jun also. den waited for ah ma to end work den we leave together.
in her shop also take some pics. hahah:)

ah ma having her dinner.
me and ah ma.
me and elaine. act as if is our bag. hahah:) is actually ah ma shop de bag. not bad la. quite nice but expensive. hahah:)

i look abit funny and weird. but wadeva. hahah:)
kaekae. i got to continue with my show. i'm back to show addict agn. haha:) gaming will be when i'm free. hahha:) tmr got to go back to work agn. and chris shall join us! hhaha:)
shall update soon soon.
life is great with money.

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