Thursday, March 20, 2008

working life.

i having been working for 3days ler. maybe another 3 or 4days to go. hahah:) this few days have been waking up so early at 6.45am! i'm tired. when i reach the office, i always feel so tired. and before i can go hm, i'm even more tired. but when reach hm, i became not tired anymore. hm is so good. hahha:) tmr is another day to go. and me and my collegues shall have cup noodles for rest of the working days.... save money. everyday go there call call and still call. hope that at least one or two person will buy from me before i leave this job, cos i'm only working for 6days! good luck to me! :)
actually i wanted to slp liao. this few days the internet is getting better, but sometimes still siao siao. like just now, i cannot log in to this!!! den when i want to shut down the com liao, i try the last time den can ler. like WTH! hahha:) but came back to blog. have not blog for i think 1day. hahah:)
anyways, tmr going to kbox. hahah:) YEAH! and think we got no time for dinner, so going to buy pizzas and chicken wings in from pizza hut and bring it in secretly bah. hahah:) think we are not suppose to bring all this food in. haha. going to sing till 2am tmr. and on friday will be the day for bbq! ahaha:) think on friday, wake up liao den need to go for bbq loh. haha:) den thinking toning bah. hahah:) this bbq is so last min. but hope everything will goes well :)
okays. actually i type so much is cos i waiting for some pics to be uploaded. but i just realise there's something wrong. so could not upload agn. sians. wait so long cannot upload. hhaah. like a fool like that. nvm! shall update another day! nights peepos.
gisiang. andihate waking up so early !

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