Monday, March 31, 2008


have not upload for quite many days. lazy to think abt wad i have been doing the pass few days. shall talk abt today.
i have actually started to love this new taiwan show call 命中注定我爱你 act by 陈乔恩,阮经天. is really nice! is actually by chance that i started watching this show. i knew there is this show. but i didn't want to watch cos i know if i start watching den i will need to wait for it to upload every sunday! haha:) but i was too bored and was watching 'my girl' online but the image were so blur and a bit bored so nv continue watching. so came to watch this taiwan drama.
anyway, just like to share a little thoughts. i feel that 阮经天 and 明道 look alike. hahha:) see their thick eye brow!!! the eyes also look alike. i think only the shape of the face is different. hahah:) don't you think so???
this is 明道
this is 阮经天
they look similar right?
anyway, this post is just to let me waste so time. cos i'm waiting for 命中注定我爱你 ep3 to upload. haha:)
another good news! vonne is finally back from china! hahah:) shall meet up with her tmr. going to vivo with vonne and yinghui! tmr have stories to hear liao! hahah:) hope singyee can join us also! but before meeting them, i'm going to meet ah ma and elaine at amk! hahah:) long time no see them also. goin out to buy some of 'my WANTS' . haahh:) hope to get them tmr!
update tmr agn bah! hope there is some pics!
gisiang. andilove 命中注定我爱你

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