Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today went to Singapore Poly design sch graduation show at Marina Square. Got no mood to see their designs, but no matter what, I think they really render very nicely! Hahah:) I have been travelling to City Hall area these 2days and tmr going there again! It's IT Fair and also Body Shop sales!!! So much of sales recently!
Recently also spend a lot of money and I guess tmr going to spend A BOMB OF MONEY!!! Hahah:) If possible, and most likely going to get Itouch tmr! Today bought the Maybelline mineral and a brush! The brush cost me 19plus$, I don't know if it's expensive for a brush but as compared to the Body Shop one, it is cheap! But the brush is really good! Soft! Then on thurs, went to Body Shop sales, there are so much things I wanted to get but need to save a bit so in the end only get a blusher which cost 12.90$. I really need to start searching for jobs! Hahah:)
Tmr going to do the prices job but I can really say I have very nice friends around me. Since the first wk I started doing this job, people has been accompanying me. Tmr Vonne is going to accompany me! Thanks all my friends!
Pls, let me get my ITOUCH tmr!!! Can't wait to buy it!
gsiang. andilove ITOUCH:)

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