Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good news for me & my friends!
A super last minute decision made JUST NOW..
We were only talking abt it last night, and asking parents this afternoon then confirm like just an hour ago.... We don't seems like travelling outside Singapore, like go chalet like that sia. Hahah:)
Super excited, somemore this time no parents, is just me, Singyee, Vonne and Zhiming!!! Have fun man..
Ytsd nv go sch, cos overslept. I guess I'm really too tired after 3days of waking up early to work.
So,. met up with Singyee in the afternoon and shopped around at Bugis. In the evening, met up with Vonne and Zm for dinner. Then went down to Drinking Place to celebrate Zm's birthday. Drank one tequila shot and one sour apple shot. Drinking Place close at 12 so went to another pub to drink one Heineken. After that went hm..
Happy Birthday ZhiMing, cum my Brother-in-Law! Hahaha:)
My hair look disgusting in the pictures! Short and somemore got so many BIG openings!

We actually bought Cheesecakes from TCC to treat it as a birthday cake for Zhiming cos is a very last minute celebration! Hahah:)
So, now the couple go down Chinatown to book the tickets for Genting! Hope still got place for us! Hahah:)
Going watch shows for now! Bye:)
gsiang. andilove going Genting:)

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