Monday, March 16, 2009

If anyone know how to use the applications in Itouch, pls let me know:)
I got problems with it! Hahah:)
I'm dying to learn how to use it...
Anyway, had a hard time transfering my songs into my Itouch cos got a lot of weird wordings, so need to change it. But now finally all the songs are in! Hahah:)
I need to slowly learn how to use the applications, downloading games and stuff!
But so far, I still loved it and it's good!
But today I just realised, in this world, it seems like there's nothing that cannot be hack or cannot be done! I found out a Itouch can actually become a Iphone!!! A Itouch can even have camera applications! So amazing to me! Like wth!!! You people shld go Youtube and check it out how they do it! Hahah. But what I heard from one of my friend is that currently Itouch gen.2 cannot hack! Hahah. But even if can I won't hack mine! Hahah. But isn't it amazing that they can hack all these stuff, just like Pet Society!
Tmr going to sch! So got to rest early. Now going to slp!
Goodnight friends:)
gsiang. andilove Itouch:)

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