Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally bought Itouch!!! Hahah:) Yes!
Today bought Itouch then also buy hard disk! It's really a bomb for my pocket! Owe my dad like going 500$ !!! I seriously need to find job to return him all this money. The most I have is also 200plus for now bah! And I got to say, I'm seriously a noob at Apple stuff! I don't know how to use it, but don't care... I'm going to master it! Hahah:)
Today is such a good day for celebration! Bought the things I need & I want. At night have my dinner at Makansultra....( or Vonne's so called Sultramakan or whatever it is that she said! But it's a joke alright!) So meet up with Jonathan, Louisure followed by Zhiming! Louisure left early.. So me, Vonne, Singyee, Jon & Zm went to Drinking Place to slack. Played pool, drink tiger, drink cocktail, sing song & left ard 2plus am. Ate Mac & went hm after that.
Now gonna download Itunes start learning how to use it bah. Bye!
Ilovemyday! Great fun:)
gsiang. andiloveItouch& mylovelyfriends!

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