Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I feel that time passes so slowly today that unbelievable that now is only 2am! Hahah:) And I have already finished watching 3shows for tonight! But anyway, since I got to wake up earlier and go for the training, so I just slp earlier tonight bah. Or else I guess I will be sleeping abt 3plus or 4am agn. That's my holiday sleeping time! Hahah:) 4 Shows is still not enough to satisfy me. Is like so fast can watch finish. I now only left 2eps of shows to watch and today is only like monday. And I got to wait till Sunday then will upload! But luckily this Thurs to Sunday got work so time shld pass very fast bah.
I got a job selling courses due to recession. I didn't sell this kind of things before but I hope I can do it bah. And this is also the first time I'm working alone. Sort of like scared and worried, I guess this is the time for me to be independent le. I got to make friends there so I won't be lonely throughout the 4 working days. Hope everyone is nice over there. So far only know a few of them and I hope they are okay people! Hahah:) I just need to faster get over with this 4days and get my money! Money is the most crucial!
gsiang. andilove shows:)

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