Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today went alone to Tampines to check the prices of those grocery. I finished all outlets within 4hrs. Super fast:)
After that went to Funan IT Mall to find Chris.
Acc her to chat and wait for her to end work then go have dinner together.
Had Pastamania for dinner and went over to Esplanade that area as there won't be lights over there. There is one Lights Off event, some Global thingy bah. Not that sure also. Then everyone over there is using candles, quite cool, a lot of people hang around there, have performance also.
We sit there wait for the lights to be turn on agn. So 9.30pm, the lights are back but not really much difference bah. Hahah:)
So took pictures while waiting for the lights to turn on....

My DARS Chocolate

After that we walked from Esplanade to Clark Quay, so that we can take bus from the same bus stop! Hahah:)
Homed, search for jobs, watch shows, listen songs:)
Plan for tmr: Paint my nails:)
gsiang. andilove DarsChocolate:)

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