Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am so freaking happy! :)
Cos I've finally create a Apple account. I need one to download the games and applications stuff!
Before that I could not create is bcos my eyes are playing tricks on me! Hahah:) So much in love with my Itouch now. Got mahjong, photo hunt and Tap Tap (recommended by my younger bro)!
I also downloaded some other applications which is not much of a use bah! I'm going to explore more!
Anyway, Xing Xing de Lei Guang is already last ep le! So shock sia! So this wk I got a lot of eps to watch! Whoohoo! Now I left with the last 3ep! So sad sia... I think this is the first show I think very sad de bah, cos I see until my tears also keep on rolling!!! Hahahah:) Kinda lame la, see show also can see until cry. But is really touching!
Other than this show, still got like 3 other shows waiting for me and 2 movies! I downloaded Mall Cop, I think is super funny la. I haven't watched it but saw the ads and I was laughing:)
Tmr not going out, gonna stayed at hm to save some money. Spend 10bucks today, 5bucks on mirror- which I think is quite ex, but I think it is also the best among all the lame & childish mirror I saw. Then the other 5bucks on a tube for wear inside one, cos the one I have is like super not stretchable, very tight lo.
So have lessons today but sad to say that there are only 7 of us who attended it! Hahah:) Then me, Elaine & Sujun headed to Bugis since they need to collect their stuff in the evening. And it's been quite a long time since I last went there, so shopped around, liked abt 2 or 3pairs of shoes!!! But no money can't buy!
My best solution for saving money is to stay at hm, rot with my Itouch:)) Hahaha.
I'm going to see some online stuff before I slp, but not buying:(
gsiang. andIlove more&moreItouch:)

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