Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today went to sch and had lessons on 3D Max.
We were taught by a Philippines person, his essence is strong until it is a bit hard for us to understand what he is saying and Rostina even did the translation for us! Hahah:)
We had a short lesson till until 1pm, then we head to Expo to look at the furnitures.
Initially thought that there were many furnitures we could see, but in the end we were only allowed to see the Flip chaird competition area which is totally neglected by people! Hahah. No one is there. But some of the designs are quite good and a lesson learn: Pboards are impt, do them nicely! Hahah. They really have very nice rendering and pboards!
So, after that some went hm then me, Huifen and Elaine shopped around Junction 8. Bought a shirt from Hypnosis for only $5 then bought a mask which cost me $4, very heart pain... There goes my this wk allowance:(
Came hm watched a lot of show...
And, now I'm tired..
Going to do a mask and then slp.
gsiang. andilove NicePboards:)

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