Monday, March 23, 2009

Finally the 3days of working days has been over!
16deals within this 3days. 32$ of commission, quite little.... Hahah:)
Actually this few days quite fun cos also quite slack. Not as much people when compared to the previous roadshow.
And the food fair is the one which adds on to the fun part! Got so much nice food around there, but the amt of oil and the smell really stinks me! :(
Today after work went with a few of my colleagues go drinking opposite Marina Square. But don't know what's that place called also. Thanks for the treat from Henry, one of the full time staff. He treated us a glass of beer but is brew/make by the restaurant itself. And they even have their on machineries inside the shop, quite cool:) But a bit too ex bah, one glass for $12plus.
And they have a lot of interesting conversations. Actually is quite good to hang out with people who are older than me, they know more things and more knowledgeable, can learn a lot of things from them! Then got free transport back home also. Good thing abt older people: They have money and have car! Shiok:) Nx time shld aim for a BF who have car, best:)
A long & fun day for me.
Tmr still got to go to sch, so slping very soon...
gsiaing. andilove Fun:)

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