Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I have gotten all the Genting pictures, but most of them are quite blur. And, out of 600plus photos, I think only some are nice. Most of the pictures, my hair look so disgusting, so separated! Hahah:) But I'll still upload some of the pictures probably tmr. Now is quite late and I'm going to slp soon:)
Just now after dinner, met up with Qi, Singyee, Vonne and Zm for prawning. Fun! Thanks to all those uncle, they teached us a lot on prawning and gave us quite a few prawns as well! Hahah:)
Prawn for 3hrs and had a total of 21prawns! Whoohoo:) Great time spend!
And, Singyee said something that I have nv realised, after the Genting trip, we have nv actually contacted one another or met up agn, quite weird of us I felt. Haha.
Nv meet then nv meet, got meet then keep on meeting...
So, tmr going out agn to Orchard bah, I guess. Hahah:)
Goonna spend money agn:(
Anyway, slping time is coming...
gsiang. andilove Prawns:)

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