Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm back from Genting!
This 3days passes so fast... Overall it was still a fun trip! Hahah:)
Loads of pictures to upload, but I have not got it and not gonna upload all.
Cos all the pictures are from Singyee's DSLR, files a bit too big and gonna take long hrs to upload it!
But this trip I felt a bit dissappointed cos I didn't msg to play the rides I want (Corkscrew & Flying Dragon). But overall still alright, at least managed to play Flying Coaster, and there were very unglam pose during some of the rides, damn joke la:) Hahah.
Nv buy a lot of things, but the amt of money spend is like a lot.....
I only buy 3masks, 2nail polish and 1mirror and 1 dou sa bing.
All these things nv cost me more than 50RM.
I bring 300RM and left with zero back. Imagine me spending abt 180RM on food??!!! Exclude all the theme park money already!!!
We go there really spend a lot on food! Best one is the Dim Sum, 100plus RM... Shock sia, eat until so much money! Hahah:)
First day, Kenny Rogers for lunch, KFC for dinner
Second day, Dim Sum for breakfast, BaskinRobins ice cream and Marybrown for dinner and Carlsberg & chocolate for supper!!! And it's a bad experience, Carlsberg taste so Yucks. Really much more worse than Heiniken. No carlsberg for me anymore! And Vonne became a joke in the middle of the night... Poor Zhiming..Bait....
Third day, Singyee so called "Food Court"... Hahaha:) But is really the cheapest among all. Budget!!!
Came back, still feel quite sian, miss the weather over there and the fun in the room!
Hahaha:) My first time experience going overseas with my Besties and without parents, has ended... Shall go other places nx time! Nice trip:)
I will upload pictures maybe after a few days bah.
Tmr going get pay, work for check price job....
gsiang. andilove Genting &Besties:)

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