Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I just got back hm not long.
Was rotting at hm the whole day, watching shows agn until just now 9plus pm went over to Singyee's hse to use my laptop agn.
Online shopping at her hse...
Transfer pictures...
Help her clear her clothes stuff...
Finally went to eat prata which I really feel like eating since quite some time ago:)
We ordered and we did not check the amt of money we have. In the end, it was a joke. We were short of 10cents!!! Ohmygod. Luckily Singyee's brother came to rescue us with a 10bucks! Hahah:)
Feel so sinful, so can't slp right now cos is like so fattening and feel like shitting all out right now.
But anyway, tmr meeting Vonne at Vivo at 2.45pm initially, but I guess I won't be able to wake up earlier looking at the time now, 3.56am... I'm still blogging...
Anyway, I shall post the pictures we took some time ago very soon! Check it out agn:)
Bye people, I now going to do some daily checks on mail and stuff before sleeping.
gsiang. andilove Prata:)

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