Thursday, March 12, 2009

I shall not upload any pictures today.
There is some problems with uploading pictures agn.
I can't upload..
Anyway, today went to Vivo with Singyee, Vonne, Zm, Yinghui & Sam.
But all of them left early, so left with me and Singyee. Did a bit of crazy shopping of IT stuff. Hahah. Look at phones, mp3, camera, speakers, earphones....
And today I have finally decided what I want to buy. I want to buy Itouch, no need consider so much over Ipod Nano and Itouch. Haha:) But guess I got to withdraw money to get it.. But anyway, money I can earn it back anytime, shall get something which I longed for during this holiday! Can't wait to buy it! Hahah:)
Tmr going to Charles & Keith warehouse sales! I die die also must buy something! Hahah:) Then going to IT Fair after that! Whoohoo! All activities have been lined up.
And, I just finished watching Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi ep4. Nx ep is so exciting! Haha:) Can't wait... Counting down, 3more days and it will be out!
Bye, people... That's abt it for today:)
gsiang. andilove Itouch:)

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