Friday, March 06, 2009

This 3days, I have finished watching 3 movies.
The Changeling
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Out of all 3, I think Twilight is seriously the best. The other 2movies seriously got no climax lo. Boring, and the curious case of benjamin button can really make people fall asleep. Changeling dont't have a nice ending. Omg! I need to search for nicer movies in the future. And I still think my Taiwan dramas are still the best! Maybe I shld search for more Taiwan dramas instead of movies! Hahah:)
Tmr gonna work for the price one! A bit bored la. Can say got 3places which I need to go within one day and is very not convenience! Sian....
Anyway, surprisingly, Karen's and my jacket arrived le! Whoohoo! Sad thing to say, the jacket is a bit small for me. But I will definitely still wear it. But I don't know why there is a weird smell on the jacket which I really cannot tolerate and I don't even wish to hold it with my hands! So, I get it washed first before I really wear it out! Hahah:)
Anyway, I now going to do some other stuff bah. Make full use of my time!
gsiang. andihate that smell:(

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