Monday, May 19, 2008

many things had happened recently that make my emotions goes up and down.
really getting tired of this world.
what's happening around me make this world so sucky.
starting to hate loads of thing which i cant control.
just have to bear with it.
i bear with it cos i don't want to spoilt the relationships between us.
really hate it.
there is so many things which i am unhappy abt.
but if i'm gonna say it out... i know what will happen.
things will get even more sucky.
ugly side of this world just sucks.
i just want to leave the happy memories in my mind.
i really don't want unhappy things to be in my life.
all this people should learn to care abt people's feeling.
you are not the only one living in this world!
starting to hate this world...
hate people who boss
hate people who commands
hate people who just hack care abt other's feeling
hate poeple who don't treasure a relationship.
starting to hate alot of things.
so many things make me so unhappy!!!
wadeva.. no matter wad i still got to accept it.
people.. pls get mature.
gisiang. justaUNHAPPYpost.

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