Thursday, May 29, 2008

today is another boring but short day.
did ros floor plan
left with the names to put in for the rooms
entrepreneurship lecture ends... den i went hm
bought wire at hardware shop and wanted to buy burger from pasa malam but raining den lazy to go buy.
den go hm liao.
drink campbell( dunno how to spell la ) soup den think of how to do my studio proj. till i cannot think.
den i went to take a nap.
wake up at 7pm.
had dinner.
think of ideas for studio agn! and is driving me crazy! got no ideas
in the end finally got ideas.. but should be lousy ideas.. and crap and rubbish and nonsense models.... gonna get killed and critcise tmr??!! wadeva..
bye people. stil got stuff to do.
update tmr agn!
gisiang. andihate RUNNING-OUT-OF-ideas.

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