Friday, May 16, 2008

it's late now. going to 1pm ler. and im gna wake up early tmr and going to chalet right after school. i think im going to be super tired.
anyway, just some little updates on today.
stupid and ugly pics! just see...

long time nv see ah ma.
so happy! today she finally come sch liao!
ah ma more ah ma with geek spec! hahha:)

raisins on tooth! hahah:)
the before and after pic! without raisins!
yvonne damn TOOT!
baichi 1


anyway, today i got yvonne a new nick!
FANG DA TONG!!! haha.
when she wear the specs, remind me of fang da tong. :)
anyway, that's abt it. im tired. want to slp le.
tmr going for chalet!!! yeah! ENJOY SID0702!
gisiang. andiloveSID0702:)

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