Wednesday, May 14, 2008

just some little updates on ystd.
cos' i have actually just received some pictures from karen for ystd outing! hhaha:)
me and kaser! i got 'mi mi yan' ! hahha.
me and karen
me !
SID 0702! 2rows of seat!
today we had ros lesson in themorning. did nothing in her class agn. hahah:)
i think she also not sure how to use CS3 . hahha:) den she just talk and talk. and we also talk and talk. take pics. playing around! hahha:)
lets see ....
chris still with the geek specs.
TOOT3 plus ah ma....
and ... its me agn. surround with elaine's hand. hahah:)
double specs!

yvonne! she look like she has cut hair!
auntie YVONNE!
really auntie !
after that, we had lecture. before tje lecture starts, we were playing and taking photos agn! hahha:)
yvonne at kopitiam??!! haha:)
me and yvonne at the back!
us agn!
karen and me! but my face distorted, haha:)
thats abt it for today.
went hm with singyee.
we had lunch at market there den went hm.
do sannie work. and look at the video i am going to show to the class tmr.
and here am i blogging!
anyway, today i just know that SITI & RAYNE got blog!!! haha:)
gonna link you people ! haha:)
hope that tmr will be a easy day for me.
today i feel so tired. after eating my dinner, i almost fall asleep! haha:)
gonna slp early tonight.
gisiang. andiloveSLACKING:)

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