Friday, May 23, 2008

today got nothing much to blog abt.
just have larry lesson den end at 12. den waited for singyee den we went to city hall.
jon join us and waited for him like so long till me and singyee so hungry. hahah:)
thanks singyee for the treat!!! nx time when i got money sure treat you back de. hahha:)
den we went to shop around and bought nothing for me, of course. cos no money! haha:)
den took bus hm. the journey is so long that i fell asleep. haha:)
back hm, had dinner, watch tv and use lappy.
OH YA! and when i was watching tv. i also soak my leg in a pail of warm water and use a stone to remove all the dead skin from my leg. hhaha:)
and my mother laugh at me... she say so 'ai mei' . hahah:)
i dun want my heel to crack till bleed. haha. after doing the things... my heel is so smooth! ohman... feel so nice. you people of have the time shld go try it also. ahhah:)
lastly, i think i have decided to watch a taiwan drama which i did not a time to catch it last time.. which is 蔷薇之恋. hahah:) is a old show alright.. hahah.
that's all for today. laptop's going low batt. update soon:)
gisiang. andilovemyHEELnow.

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